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Drying & Dehumidification


Done correctly, structural drying is a science that weighs all pertinent variables – proper placement and amount of drying equipment, number of air exchanges per hour, how to track hidden moisture and how to recognize and document goal-attainment.

Global Response Teams technicians are trained in the science of drying (psychrometrics).  Sophisticated dehumidification and monitoring equipment along with highly-trained personnel to ensure effective results and elimination of environmental concerns. Done properly and promptly, the drying process can virtually eliminate issues with mold growth and other contamination.




We at Global Response Team do not make a move without clearly defining the problem, investigating the extent of damage, and devising a detailed emergency/drying plan unique to the demands of each particular job.

Global Response Team uses a moisture mapping software, DryStandard, to generate certified dehumidification reports/documents. This software is engineered to not allow incorrect readings and/or methods to be compiled or used in the drying process. Global Response Team performed the beta testing for the inventor of this software for six years before it was launched, which later became the most innovative and complete mapping software in the industry. We encourage you to request an example of the reports generated by DryStandard.

In addition, Global Response Team utilizes Xactimate as our primary estimating platform, but does offer a Published Time & Material Schedule which is often utilized by many adjusters during catastrophic events.


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