Emergency Services

Global Response Team

Emergency Response and Relief

Speed and experience are crucial in providing emergency relief after a catastrophe strikes. Day or night, Global Response Team is your resource for immediate emergency services – always ready to respond with a team of certified professionals to control the damage and secure your property, dramatically limiting your exposure to further loss. A quick response by you to notify us can save valuable documents, inventories, machinery, and even structures, which will save time and time is money


Our strategic assessment services include mapping out a restoration plan that will have as much of the facility back in operation as quickly as possible. With Global Response Team’s emergency relief expertise, you can easily determine the cost effectiveness of saving equipment and other items and begin planning a return to “business as usual.”



Through immediate water extraction, dehumidification, smoke removal, and/or odor control, repair time is minimized.


The Global Response Team emergency relief team is ready to put our proven process into action for you. We will:

  • Respond to an emergency anywhere in the country, as quick possible.
  • Meet with onsite facility and safety management.
  • Assess the cause and origin of damage and immediately take the necessary steps to eliminate the culprit.
  • Assess the level of damage.
  • Consult with the facility management team to execute a precise and effective emergency response action.
  • Secure the structure and its contents.
  • Begin emergency relief processes, including water extraction and odor remediation to prevent and/or minimize mold and odor permeation.
  • Determine and place equipment that will most efficiently stabilize the environment of the facility.
  • Develop a detailed scope of work for the most cost-effective, comprehensive restoration possible.
  • Board up windows and take other measures to secure the property.
  • Work with the management team and insurance companies to determine immediate needs from all perspectives.
  • Design a contingency plan that outlines steps to take in the event of a future emergency.
24-Hour Emergency Hotline

Global Response Team operates a 24-hour hotline, 365 days a year. The hotline goes directly to our company-owned and operated call center. Trained personnel will record the information on your loss and notify a Global Response Team representative who is in charge with contacting you immediately. Once the information is confirmed, we will dispatch a crew to your business or home within a reasonable time frame (depending on distance and other external factors) if it is safe to do so.

To report an emergency loss, call our 24-hour emergency hotline at 1-855-668-0115 or local 913-375-5086.


Area-Wide Disasters (Catastrophes)

Disasters or catastrophes that strike a large area or region can make it difficult to respond in a rapid manner for any number of reasons. Often, Global Response Team is one of the first restoration companies allowed into the area. In these cases, we will respond as quickly as allowed or as soon as it is safe to do so.


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