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Cleaning & Document / Data Reprocessing

Every company is dependent on its information, whatever format it takes.

It has to be easily accessible whenever it is needed, but this flow of information can be interrupted. Contamination due to dust, water damage, a fire, an explosion, a computer crash or even a virus all mean that essential information may be lost. The unexpected happens and your records and data are gone. Will files be readable again? How can books be dried out? Can backup copies be saved? As one of the world’s leading companies in rescuing documentation and data, Global Response Teamcan help you. We know what to do so that damage is minimized as much as possible. Initial actions after damage has occurred are critical and must focus on minimizing damage and stabilizing the situation. The damage has to be analyzed quickly and an appropriate plan of action drawn up. Global Response Team is a team of specialists and are able to assess the situation  rapidly. We have effective tools for immediate assistance and know what methods are most appropriate for each specific case. This enables you to access your most important assets, once again, as soon as possible after the incident.

Global Response Team provides the latest technology as well as the most thoroughly trained technicians, which utilize state-of-the-art equipment while maintaining the highest level of quality when dealing with contents, machinery, equipment, inventories, electronics, data, and documents.

document reprocessing


Global Response Team will respond immediately with our team of certified specialists that performs “onsite” decontamination, cleaning, and deodorization services “around the clock” on medical equipment, assembly lines, industrial and manufacturing machinery, specialized equipment, food processing plants, military installations, and structures. When it’s necessary to relocate specific items to our state-of-the-art facility, our trained technicians will:

  • Take detailed inventories
  • Completely deodorize
  • Securely pack contents and inventory
  • Professionally restore
  • Safely transport
  • Fully recreate
  • Be particular in cleaning
  • Store contents and inventory
  • In our clean, secure, climate controlled storage facility, we make certain that electronics and other climate-sensitive materials are not damaged.


At Global Response Team, we understand that your electronics and electronic data are invaluable to the success of your business; therefore, we use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to restore computer files and retrieve priceless data.


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